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LaezE Reviews is done by a self described sorry SoB, who's just trying to have a good time. I'm personally up for trying anything once, and have a habit of getting ahead of myself.
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Before I start todays review, I want to apologize for not having anything yesterday.  I had a busy day, and I didn't really have anything I could type in 5 minutes, but I promise I'll have something next week.

This is a band I recently had the pleasure of finding, called NGage.  They play something called "chillstep" which according to one of my sources is how dubstep is supposed to be played.  I personally find this music really relaxing, and I've been using it as my internet browsing music for the past week.
They're an indie band, so besides music on youtube and their site, you really won't find them much anywhere else, which is really a pain.
Even if you're not a fan of dubstep, at least listen to this song before you judge, I'm fairly certain you'll like it.
Well that's it today, see you guys tomorrow!

Plants Vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies is one of those games that seems like it was originally designed for ten year olds.  But it turned out to be such an awesome game, that everyone has probably played it.  And everyone that has played it, loves it.
The objective of this game is to place plants with horrible puns for names (like the pea-shooter which is the basic shooting unit, or the wall-nut which is a wall) to keep zombies from getting to your door.
The game gets really insane in some of the later levels, and you'll find yourself playing this for hours on end and not even realize it.
You can get this game for X Box live, PC, or the iphone, but really I'd suggest it for the PC simply because you can have better precision for the minigames, which are almost as addicting as the actual game.
Like all games, it has it's moments were it's not as good as it could be, but they are few and far between, mostly popping up when the screen is filled with too many zombies to count.
I'm putting this on my 'try before you die list', and if I were you, I'd go out and play this first chance you get!

Code Geass

Code Geass is the story of Lelouch  Lamperouge, a genius citizen of the former country of japan, now known as Area 11 after it was conquered by the Britianian army. 
One day Lelouch is running from Britianian soldiers, were he meets a mysterious girl called C2, and his life changes forever.
Filled with humor and action, this serious exposes some of the darker sides of humanity, while asking the question 'is it okay to become evil, to fight evil?'
However, there is obvious corporate sponsership of this series.  In literally EVERY episode, there is a pizza hut logo.  Every. Stinky. Episode.
Despite how hungry the subliminal messages will make you, this is still a good series, and defiantly worth a watch., and will have you saying
All Hail Britannia! All Hail Lelouch!

Captain America

Capitan America The First Avenger (even though he wasn't a founding member of the avengers), is the story of young Steve Rogers during WW2.
Steve is one of those people with a lot of patriotic pride, and is wants nothing more to serve his country, simply because he can't stand bullies.  However, with his super skinny frame, asthma, and various other medical conditions, he's always getting beat up.  Plus the army won't take him, so there's that.
So he's left moping until a scientist offers him a chance.  He injects him with the Super Solider serum, which brings him to the peak of human capabilities, and  amplifies the good or evil of a person.
Steve rogers is now Capitan America, and leads the fight against a Nazi science division called Hydra lead by the Red Skull, who was injected with a prototype serum.
All in all, this is a good movie, filled with lots of action, humor, and references to other marvel movies (by the way, Stan Lee is a 4 star general).  At the end, I'm not gonna ruin anything, but manly tears will be shed simply because of how much of a hero Capitan America truly is.

Reader Reviews

Today it's YOUR turn!  Write a review about my blog, with any suggestions, likes, dislikes, anything at all you'd change! if enough people ask for it, I'll do it!  
I'm trying to make this a place you'll enjoy being, so let me know how I can help.

Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver

To many of us, Pokemon Gold and Silver defined out childhoods.  We all claimed to be pokemon masters, as we strove to catch 'em all.  We shoved our Skarmorys at our friends Tyranitars, to see who was better.  And then we kind of moved on.
Nintendo has been remaking all of the classic Pokemon games, so I can understand some people being worried about these new changes.  After all, these are our childhoods they're messing with here!
Well let me just say that we have nothing to fear.  Heartgold and Soulsilver are worthing of the hours of our lives we lost to them in our youths.  
With updated graphics, we can finally see all o four old favorites such as Charmander, Totodile, Miltank, and Onix on the DS.  To be honest, I actually like the remakes MORE then I liked the originals.
With more challenges, pokemon, the ability to reface teh gym leaders with stronger pokemon, and additions to the story, these games will not disappoint.
Boasting the largest safari zone in any pokemon game, EVER, as well as the legendary pokemon trainer RED,   you'll feel ten years old again as you run through Johto and Kanto.

That being said, there are some things that personally I don't like about the game.  After playing White, and getting use to the menu system for it, the menu system for Heartgold and Soulsilver just seems... way less nice.  And the ability to be able to look at a map with out getting the same call from your mother over and over again saying how she spent your money yet AGAIN (mental note, never let women touch my money).
But over all, despite some bumps that like to show up every now and then, I'd recommend this to anyone that ever like the pokemon games, or to people that want to see what all the fuss is about.


Awesome! 100 followers! now on to the review
Alestorm is one of those bands that if no one will tell you about, but are amazing.  They play a genre of music called 'Pirate Metal', which works out surprisingly better then you would think.  Don't believe me? here's one of their songs
So if you liked that, go out and get you some of their music! But remember, "Piracy is a crime!"

The Dresden Files

The Dresden files follow Harry Dresden, a professional wizard in the perfectly normal town of Chicago, and the various paranormal villains that he runs up against.
Everything from demons, warlocks, trolls, vampires, succubi, ghouls, necromancers, fallen angels and even fairy queens.  If they threaten the peacefulness of of his city.  However, he's only human, so he runs into the usual problems, such as paying his rent (which is always months behind), working with the cops (when they'll listen), and his on again/ off again girlfriend.
The Dresden Files brings magic back to a dark, and believable level.  Since the recent influx of 'harry potter-mania' it's nice to see at least ONE good wizard series.  Also, fun fact.  Potter was 7 cheesy childrens books. Dresden has 12 excellent books out so far, with a 13th due out later this month.
because of just how relatable Harry Dresden is, I'm gonna put this series on my 'try before you die' list, so at least give it a look.

Pokemon Black and White

Pokemon black and white is the latest installment of everyones childhoods.  The game starts off as you and your two best friends each get your pokemon to begin the adventure of a lifetime that all ten year olds must make, and while your mom stay behind to clean your room.
There are so many new pokemon in these games that until you beat the elite four, you won't see a single non-gen 5 pokemon.  And in some cases, I'm okay with this.  For example, behold Haxorus
however, there are some cases were I'm convinced the developers just got lazy, and should be a shamed to call these pokemon
Trash heap pokemon indeed, as that's were it belongs.  
The game itself is about 40 hours long to beat on a casual run.  However, there's not really much of a point in complete the post-game.  By beating the elite four, you unlock the ability to go the the right half of the country that you're in this time (Unova), which has pokemon from previous generations ranging from level 40 to level 65.  Afterwards, you can reface the elite four with more powerful pokemon.  That's it.  No Red on a mountain, no cave with a god of freakish pokemon science inbreeding, what ever the heck mewtwo was supposed to be.  You get nothing.
Black and White however add some new interesting twist.  Now, instead of registering key items to the select button, you register them to a list from the Y button.  Also, Black and White each have their own towns, Black City and White Forest respectively.
You can also now access a place called 'the dream world' if you have access to WEP encrypted wireless.  If you do, then congratulations! You get access to some of the most op pokemon ever released! If you don't have access, then Nintendo will just laugh at you while they break completive pokemon gaming even more.
If you're a pokefan, then I'd suggest playing this game for at least one run through, as some of the new pokemon really are quite awesome.  However, if you're borderline about playing, then look to Heartgold or Soulsilver, which I'll review next week.

Tegen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann is a 26 episode anime that will make a mech lover out of you.  The entire series is about making bigger and more ridiculous mechs  until in the final episode they finally make one bigger then the entire universe and throw galaxys a shurikens (no, I am not even kidding there, they are THAT freaking big)
For those you you who don't feel like spending about $60 for the entire boxed set, here's a amv I found on youtube that covers the entire series in about 4 minutes

and for everyone who watches it, Kamina (the guy in the above picture in the red cape) is NOT manly.  he simply serves as a stepping stone for Simon (the little kid in the same picture).  
Anyway, I would highly suggest this series to anyone that can get the time to watch it 

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Considering the last review was a scary movie, I feel I need to lighten the mood with this!
Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  Spawner of a thousand memes and rip offs, this is with out a doubt a cult classic.  If you're about the age of 30, then you no doubt have fond memories of playing DnD in someones basement while watching this movie, or failing miserably to have the same offending accent as the frenchmen.
The Holy Grail is a fine example of classic British comedy at it's best. Once you get past all the llama/ moose/ jumping beans/ firing of people jokes in the opening credits, you'll see that Monty Python holds nothing sacred.
From the 'well' respected Arthur, King of the Brits and his horses coconuts, Sir Gawain the pure in the castle Anthrax, the Black knight who just never knows when to give up, and the knights who say NI! The Holy Grail is a movie that I recommend so highly, I'm adding a new category today: try before you die were only the best things that are reviewed go.
So grab a copy and watch this movie at least 5 3 times, and I guarantee* no matter how you feel, this movie will give you laughs and in jokes for years.

Not a money back guarantee. LaezE Reviews does not, can not, and will not provide money back in the case of you not liking this movie.  If you do not like this movie, then that is your own fault for not having a sense of humor, and listening to the internet on were to spent your money.


[But First Site news part 2]
Okay first off I just want to thank you all for all of the feed back that I've gotten I have a tentative schedule for topics and which day to post, based off what I have access too (as much fun as it'd be to do military equipment, I can't do a fair review as I can't get my hands on it)

- Monday Movies 

- Tuesday Anime

- Wednesday Video Games and What Readers Want Poll set up

- Thursday Books

- Friday Music

- Saturday What Readers Want
for this part here, leave specific things you want reviewed, like say the new harry potter movie (please no) in comments up until Wednesday.  I'll set up a poll of the most requested items, and I'll let you all vote on what you want reviewed, and post it on this day 

- Sunday Reader Reviews 
were you all review the site, submit ideas, complaints, concerns, and just tell me what you think. 

Now on to the review!

Now I'm gonna say this right, now, I'm not a big fan of scary movies, as I am a very jumpy person.  That being said, Insidious is actually a good movie.  Now I know what you're thinking, "But the commercials made it look like a bad b movie!" and you're right, about the commercials anyway.  
The movie itself is kinda hit and miss, and almost seems like a whole different movie when they change houses about halfway through.   The movie actually feels almost like the movie White Noise with plot development.  It starts off peaceful, but quickly gets more and more creepy and jumpy. Those are a few reasons I say it's a hit an miss, but if you like scary movies, or want your girlfriend in your lap for about an hour an a half, I'd defiantly suggest this movie.


All right, I'm gonna try to have one of these every two weeks or so for user feed back, so I can see what you guys want to be reviewed. Also I think this new look is easier on the eyes. Basically, just leave YOUR reviews of this blog in the comments, so I can get a feel for how I'm doing, or make suggestions for what you'd like reviewed.   Also as of today, my good friend Captain Zetta and I have come to a deal, were I'll help him with any multi-player lets plays.
I'll review anything that I can get my hands on, so *almost* nothing is out of line.  I'd also like some peoples opinion of the new look, or any suggestions at all.  It's YOUR time your wasting on the internet, so I figure you may as well enjoy it. If you don't like my blog, tell me what I'm doing wrong.  And I promise if you say you don't like my blog, you're not gonna lose a follower, so feel free to drop a comment or I'm on msn at laezeboy@live.com

Disgaea 2

For those of you who have never played a Disgaea game, how to explain it... Well the Disgaea games are JRPG table top games, full of obscene jokes were you control a virtual army of different characters, each with a maximum level of 9999.  And no, that's not a typo.  The level cap really is 9999.  And STILL they manage to make a extra boss that's challenging, with stats in the billions.  
Disgaea 2 is for both the psp and ps2, how ever if you can I'd suggest the psp version.  It has about 4 more classes, more playable characters then I care to count, the main characters from Disgaea 3, skip able cut scenes, and downloadable characters.
This is one of the only games I've ever but over 200 hours into (the other being a Monster Hunter game), simply because when you start leveling up at ridiculous amounts per level, you kinda get addicted to it.  So if you ever get the chance, I'd really suggest this game dood!

Arbys French Dip

On this Blog I plan on reviewing what ever comes to mind, and when you've had nothing to eat all day, your stomach kinda takes over.  Anyway, The Arbys French Dip is actually a pretty good sub.  At a little over $5 for a combo though, it's a little over priced for such a little sub.
If you have a small stomach, it might fill you up, but personally it just doesn't cut it for me.  The taste factor though, helps to balance things out.  Also, you see the not so little cup of dipping broth back there? That's more broth then ten subs could hold.  So what do you do with it? 
Dunk your fries in it! Obviously!
So if you ever get the chance, and the money, try this sub out, I guarantee you won't regret it.

Season of the Witch

As you can obviously tell from the movie cover here, Season of the Witch is obviously a movie about a demon witch and the havoc he she plays on their journey to find a book.  This movie takes place in the dark ages, were people were known for their obvious sense of right and wrong.

Sorry about all the sarcasm and spoilers in the above paragraph, and I promise as soon as I figure out how, I'll censor that stuff better. Anyway, up until the last thirty minutes or so it's actually a good movie.  It's the story of two knights who have fallen from grace from the medieval church after the second crusade, and their path for redemption.  If they can sent a girl tried for witchcraft to an abbey with the last copy of the book of Solomon then they will be relieved of all crimes.  Naturally, things don't go as planed, with tons of treachery and 'witchcraft'

   Good special effects, nice plot, and believable characters, but it's kinda like near the end, they decided to screw a good movie over.  All in all it's a decent movie, but not really worth re-watching.