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Tegen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann is a 26 episode anime that will make a mech lover out of you.  The entire series is about making bigger and more ridiculous mechs  until in the final episode they finally make one bigger then the entire universe and throw galaxys a shurikens (no, I am not even kidding there, they are THAT freaking big)
For those you you who don't feel like spending about $60 for the entire boxed set, here's a amv I found on youtube that covers the entire series in about 4 minutes

and for everyone who watches it, Kamina (the guy in the above picture in the red cape) is NOT manly.  he simply serves as a stepping stone for Simon (the little kid in the same picture).  
Anyway, I would highly suggest this series to anyone that can get the time to watch it