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Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Considering the last review was a scary movie, I feel I need to lighten the mood with this!
Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  Spawner of a thousand memes and rip offs, this is with out a doubt a cult classic.  If you're about the age of 30, then you no doubt have fond memories of playing DnD in someones basement while watching this movie, or failing miserably to have the same offending accent as the frenchmen.
The Holy Grail is a fine example of classic British comedy at it's best. Once you get past all the llama/ moose/ jumping beans/ firing of people jokes in the opening credits, you'll see that Monty Python holds nothing sacred.
From the 'well' respected Arthur, King of the Brits and his horses coconuts, Sir Gawain the pure in the castle Anthrax, the Black knight who just never knows when to give up, and the knights who say NI! The Holy Grail is a movie that I recommend so highly, I'm adding a new category today: try before you die were only the best things that are reviewed go.
So grab a copy and watch this movie at least 5 3 times, and I guarantee* no matter how you feel, this movie will give you laughs and in jokes for years.

Not a money back guarantee. LaezE Reviews does not, can not, and will not provide money back in the case of you not liking this movie.  If you do not like this movie, then that is your own fault for not having a sense of humor, and listening to the internet on were to spent your money.