About This Blog

LaezE Reviews is done by a self described sorry SoB, who's just trying to have a good time. I'm personally up for trying anything once, and have a habit of getting ahead of myself.
If you have any suggestions on something you think I should take a look at, shoot me an email and if I think it's interesting enough, I garuntee it'll end up on the site!

I'm back from the dead!

     After various reasons, ranging from serious to weird, I've had to put this blog on hold, but now I've found a way to make time for it, yet again!
However, there ARE gonna be some changes around here.  I've decided from now on to not only do reviews, but really just what ever comes to mind.  Even though I personally dislike those kinds of blogs, it's only going to be a temporary thing until I get a nice feel for what does and doesn't work.  I'll also not be trying to stick to a set schedule, as that just made this feel more like a job and less fun. Also gonna change the name, to LaezELife some time in the next week.
     Some of the stuff you can be expecting though is everything from me ranting as to why terrans are overpowered in starcraft 2, completly ridiculous sifi original movies, and random foods that I've gotten my grubby little hands on.
     So sit back, relax, and prepare to enjoy a new quirkier Laez!