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Code Geass

Code Geass is the story of Lelouch  Lamperouge, a genius citizen of the former country of japan, now known as Area 11 after it was conquered by the Britianian army. 
One day Lelouch is running from Britianian soldiers, were he meets a mysterious girl called C2, and his life changes forever.
Filled with humor and action, this serious exposes some of the darker sides of humanity, while asking the question 'is it okay to become evil, to fight evil?'
However, there is obvious corporate sponsership of this series.  In literally EVERY episode, there is a pizza hut logo.  Every. Stinky. Episode.
Despite how hungry the subliminal messages will make you, this is still a good series, and defiantly worth a watch., and will have you saying
All Hail Britannia! All Hail Lelouch!


  1. I have a feeling im not going to like tuesdays buuuut i like every other day, so i will keep checking because i always (or almost) find something i enjoy :)

  2. nice mini review!
    I hate ads in movies/series too.

  3. nice im gonna check that out for sure!

  4. Whoa, I never really noticed the Pizza Hut log, could explain why I always got hungry watching it.

  5. Code Geass O.o. I used to watch tis. Falls a bit short in comparison to Death Note no doubt, but it does have an aspect that keeps viewers in tuned with the series. 7-8/10.

  6. Pizza hut product placement? How random...

  7. What? Pizza hut logo? I'm going to have to watch this just to laugh at that. All joking aside, it sounds like a good series.