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[But First Site news part 2]
Okay first off I just want to thank you all for all of the feed back that I've gotten I have a tentative schedule for topics and which day to post, based off what I have access too (as much fun as it'd be to do military equipment, I can't do a fair review as I can't get my hands on it)

- Monday Movies 

- Tuesday Anime

- Wednesday Video Games and What Readers Want Poll set up

- Thursday Books

- Friday Music

- Saturday What Readers Want
for this part here, leave specific things you want reviewed, like say the new harry potter movie (please no) in comments up until Wednesday.  I'll set up a poll of the most requested items, and I'll let you all vote on what you want reviewed, and post it on this day 

- Sunday Reader Reviews 
were you all review the site, submit ideas, complaints, concerns, and just tell me what you think. 

Now on to the review!

Now I'm gonna say this right, now, I'm not a big fan of scary movies, as I am a very jumpy person.  That being said, Insidious is actually a good movie.  Now I know what you're thinking, "But the commercials made it look like a bad b movie!" and you're right, about the commercials anyway.  
The movie itself is kinda hit and miss, and almost seems like a whole different movie when they change houses about halfway through.   The movie actually feels almost like the movie White Noise with plot development.  It starts off peaceful, but quickly gets more and more creepy and jumpy. Those are a few reasons I say it's a hit an miss, but if you like scary movies, or want your girlfriend in your lap for about an hour an a half, I'd defiantly suggest this movie.