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Season of the Witch

As you can obviously tell from the movie cover here, Season of the Witch is obviously a movie about a demon witch and the havoc he she plays on their journey to find a book.  This movie takes place in the dark ages, were people were known for their obvious sense of right and wrong.

Sorry about all the sarcasm and spoilers in the above paragraph, and I promise as soon as I figure out how, I'll censor that stuff better. Anyway, up until the last thirty minutes or so it's actually a good movie.  It's the story of two knights who have fallen from grace from the medieval church after the second crusade, and their path for redemption.  If they can sent a girl tried for witchcraft to an abbey with the last copy of the book of Solomon then they will be relieved of all crimes.  Naturally, things don't go as planed, with tons of treachery and 'witchcraft'

   Good special effects, nice plot, and believable characters, but it's kinda like near the end, they decided to screw a good movie over.  All in all it's a decent movie, but not really worth re-watching.