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Pokemon Black and White

Pokemon black and white is the latest installment of everyones childhoods.  The game starts off as you and your two best friends each get your pokemon to begin the adventure of a lifetime that all ten year olds must make, and while your mom stay behind to clean your room.
There are so many new pokemon in these games that until you beat the elite four, you won't see a single non-gen 5 pokemon.  And in some cases, I'm okay with this.  For example, behold Haxorus
however, there are some cases were I'm convinced the developers just got lazy, and should be a shamed to call these pokemon
Trash heap pokemon indeed, as that's were it belongs.  
The game itself is about 40 hours long to beat on a casual run.  However, there's not really much of a point in complete the post-game.  By beating the elite four, you unlock the ability to go the the right half of the country that you're in this time (Unova), which has pokemon from previous generations ranging from level 40 to level 65.  Afterwards, you can reface the elite four with more powerful pokemon.  That's it.  No Red on a mountain, no cave with a god of freakish pokemon science inbreeding, what ever the heck mewtwo was supposed to be.  You get nothing.
Black and White however add some new interesting twist.  Now, instead of registering key items to the select button, you register them to a list from the Y button.  Also, Black and White each have their own towns, Black City and White Forest respectively.
You can also now access a place called 'the dream world' if you have access to WEP encrypted wireless.  If you do, then congratulations! You get access to some of the most op pokemon ever released! If you don't have access, then Nintendo will just laugh at you while they break completive pokemon gaming even more.
If you're a pokefan, then I'd suggest playing this game for at least one run through, as some of the new pokemon really are quite awesome.  However, if you're borderline about playing, then look to Heartgold or Soulsilver, which I'll review next week.