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The Dresden Files

The Dresden files follow Harry Dresden, a professional wizard in the perfectly normal town of Chicago, and the various paranormal villains that he runs up against.
Everything from demons, warlocks, trolls, vampires, succubi, ghouls, necromancers, fallen angels and even fairy queens.  If they threaten the peacefulness of of his city.  However, he's only human, so he runs into the usual problems, such as paying his rent (which is always months behind), working with the cops (when they'll listen), and his on again/ off again girlfriend.
The Dresden Files brings magic back to a dark, and believable level.  Since the recent influx of 'harry potter-mania' it's nice to see at least ONE good wizard series.  Also, fun fact.  Potter was 7 cheesy childrens books. Dresden has 12 excellent books out so far, with a 13th due out later this month.
because of just how relatable Harry Dresden is, I'm gonna put this series on my 'try before you die' list, so at least give it a look.