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So I've been browsing netfilx recently and I noticed this little gem called 'Reaper'. The big plot of this series is a guy by the name of Sam whose parents sold his soul to the devil before he was born.  Sam, obviously, has no clue of this until he has the worst 21st birthday ever.  After he meets the devil (who actually treats Sam pretty good), Sam has to hunt down escaped souls from hell using basically what ever the devil gives him.  Some memorable items include a devil duster, a RC car, and a grandmother style Christmas sweater.
Sam has to go out and hunt down these escaped souls, with his two friends.  One is a 25 year old neck beard full of jack blackian humor, and the other is a 21 year old that gets all the girls.  Oh yes, and they all work at a store with the biggest prick of a manager ever.  This store, the work bench, looks like lowes but has everything in the world just like wal-mart. Between all of this, Sam has to some how make everything work and find a way out of his contract with Satan himself. 
This is a great series that I had never heard about until recently.  This series only ran for two seasons, for which I am greatly saddened.  I'm pretty sure that it got canceled because of that writers guild strike not to long ago that canceled so many other shows. So if you ever get the chance, give this series a shot.


  1. Interestingly, I think I'll check it out. But dont have in Netflix BR D:

  2. I have to watch it!

  3. seen in on tv a few times, not my taste but kinda good

  4. Jack Blackian Humor should be offered as an elective in college.

  5. I first found out about this series when i heard my friends say that Kevin Smith will be producing/directing a tv show. Well i got to watch the first hour then i heard that it will be cancelled so i stopped. Hopefully though there will be comic/cartoon releases of this universe. I might watch these two seasons that aired right after i finish watching every Futurama episode.

  6. I do it next time I get netflix